Pasta. Pizza. Friuli Trattoria.

My first blogpost is a blast from November 21, 2015 at the LooLoo App.


My two favourite (out of the many HAHA) source of comfort when I’m feeling emotionally and/or physically ill and when I’m just in my Perfect-day-mood.

Maginhawa Street. Highly accessible and is close to where I live.

If we’ll put it in a formula:
Pasta + Pizza + Maginhawa Street = ________?


I’ve discovered this place (even though I live within Sikituna) thru some friends from Church. They talked about this place that serves good tasting pasta, good for two persons per serving, and is affordie. As a pasta fan/lover/follower, I got intrigued as to WHERE and HOW GOOD their dishes are.

I can’t exactly remember, but I think, the first time I went to this place was with (who else) my Churchmates. We were scheduled to have a lunch meeting (when in fact, the time is about after lunch already–late lunch meeting to be exact) at that time and decided to have it at Friuli Trattoria.

I browsed their menu. Yes, it’s inexpensive but I was doubtful as to how it tastes (because of the price), yet I ordered anyway.

I got fixated with their Spaghetti with Tuna and Mushroom since I wasn’t feeling any tomato sauce for my pasta that day, and the description says: Spicy. –I’m not a superfan of spicy foods but I can manage and I like a bit of variance at times, so I tried it. We ordered, individual pastas as per our own liking and pizzas (like what else would we be ordering anyway).

When you’re hungry and is excited to try out foods from a newly discovered place, the waiting game is quite an agony. So I waited…listened at the meeting we’re having…took down notes…and after a few whiles, the food then came. Yey!

Too much waiting for a brain that’s dysfunctional due to starvation secondary to very late lunch as evidenced by agitation, facial grimace and 100 borborygmus per minute. Yes, I’ve just made a complete nursing diagnosis for myself at that time.

So….. We dug into our orders and forgot we were together for a few minutes until resurrecting back from our starvations.

I personally like white sauce in my pasta (but not ruling out that I don’t like tomato sauce at all, like as much as possible, I like my sauce half-half) because it’s creamy and loose compared to the thickness of some reds.

✔️That creamy expectation was met.
✔️The tuna was cooked just right (the food feels light–or it’s just the normal feels of having tuna in the ingredients).
✔️It’s spicy flavour didn’t overpower anything in it.
✔️Variance of the dish was also met (I haven’t tried any spicy white sauced pasta to begin with, so I find this KEWL that they thought about adding that flavour in this dish).
✔️Serving portions are really good for two (but it will just leave you with the feeling of not that full and would still eat something else–if you know what I mean, and if you’re hungry, you could kill a single order by yourself, TRUST ME on this)
✔️Price range are affordable (Spaghetti with Tuna and Mushroom: P120–P125 as of April 2017)

The place itself is quite nice. They have this led light (I’m just unsure as to what it is called) signage that says OPEN, checkered-patterned table cloths, large windows, the smell of cheese and pasta and dough (which might stick to your clothes–I’ve ALWAYS experienced this) which brings the Italian restau feels altogether.

Their bestseller for Pizza is: The Formaggi: P190 (P200 as of April 2017). It’s just cheese. 3Cheese Pizza, namely: Mozarrella, Cheddar and Blue. I’ve tried it and it’s good (but I didn’t enjoy it as much as those pizzas with shrimps, pineapples, meat and veggies– I DON’T LIKE CHEESE, I just eat it as a normal person since it adds taste but, nah).

Since then, Spaghetti with Tuna and Mushroom has been my favourite and the only type of pasta I order whenever I dine here. I let the person with me order something else–teehee. And whenever I still have money left, and there’s no food at home (I’m very picky with the food I munch), I just order at Friuli Trattoria which makes my stomach full and me, a happy Teddy. Yey! 🙂

Visit their restau. It’s just along the street of Maginhawa, after FoodStrEAT–CrazyKatsu, almost front of Book-ay Ukay (have I spelled it correctly? Hihi). Other pastas are good as well as their other dishes from the menu. Oh, and their garlic breads are nice too. 🙂 ENJOY!


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