rbA review at looloo back in October 26, 2016 with updates on the later part.

For starters, I’m an absolute fan of BBQs. I like the food better when it has too much bbq sauce so that I could drizzle some–more to be realistic–on my rice. So, one Sunday, after the 10AM service, my lunch buddies asked me what I wanna eat (because I’m the only lady at that moment and I was from night shift) and I told them I want something with barbeque sauce. Then I remember this place I wanna try, RIB CITY. I told them we could drive over to Maginhawa and look for this kinda new restau.

We head over to The famous Maginhawa strip, parked at HolyFam, crossed the street and entered a gate/garage of sorts beside–what bank was that? Can’t remember tho. So, luckily, there’s not much of people inside when we got there. We sat and while checking their menu, we saw the order arrived at the table beside us where a family of 5 was seated. It was a huge slab of ribs and some side dishes. (I honestly thought of suggesting that to order but because it’s a bit pricey, I told myself to hush! But it was mouthwatering and I wanna slide my index finger on the plate oozing with bbq sauce!) So we continued checking the menu and prices. My good friend, Joash said he will treat us! Yey for Joash for always treating me with foods! Hihi. So, I suggested the big slab of ribs! HAHAHA. They thought we might not be able to finish the whole thing, but!!! We braved it. We ordered that I-cant-remember-the-name. Hahaha.

We waited… And so the order arrived… It didn’t fail my tastebuds! The look of it already suggested how yummy it is! Plus, cravings satisfied with too much sauce!

The sauce was really bbq-ed! Hihi. 10084️ However they made it, may it be from scratch or already made sauce, I honestly dont know. But I liked it a lot!
The meat. Oh well. Not a disappointment! Juicy-yes- and not that hard to ripped off from its bone and munch and not too tender, just perfecto! I can still imagine eating it in my sleep. Hihi.

That 1cup of rice was never enough! I had to order another! And, had to control and just eat half of the 2nd cup–because I’m lady-like. Okay, that’s a joke. I ate a lot and finished what was left of the bbq sauce and meat. Hihi.

We were only 3, but mind you. Our stomachs are good for 2-3persons, sometimes 4-5! Hehehe. And after eating this lunch goodness. I finished it with 3scoops of icecreams from PapaDiddi’s. Yup, just ME. Because my two buds had enough, but my stomach still hasnt.

This was indeed a good decision from me! Will come back soon. 🙂


–Soon happened late 2016 or early 2017, I can’t quite remember. I was with kuyaJade and Francis. We tried their unlimited ribs, chicken and shrimp. The amount of sauce STILL doesn’t disappoint except for the fact that I didn’t like their grilled bbq-chicken. But the rest was still the same.


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