Missing my hero, Bagneto.

Just because I missed the food in Bagneto, I’ve unearthed my Review for Bagneto in LooLoo last August 2015.

Read through my review from looloo or you could just read it here!

Addendum (as early as here): They have added SINIGANG on their Menu! And I remember going to their Malingap Branch in August 2016, when I just came back from our Bacolod Mission Trip, and feeling sad that there’s no Bagnet SINIGANG there YET (hasn’t been available on that branch at that time), so that someone and I ran over to their branch in Katipunan (The Yard) because the lady from Malingap suggested that it’s available on the other branch. There, I was able to taste it.

If you know me, I’m a sucker for SINIGANG. It’s my MOST favourite dish! I’d ruin any day and any diet I’m having just to eat Sinigang with rice. And that being my fave, in our house, there’s not a week that passes by that a day or two, either of my parents would be cooking that dish. Love ’em. Teehee.

They upgraded their menu a bit with 2 flaves: Bagnetsilog and (the above mentioned) Bagnet Sinigang.

So enough, read my review! And I’ve added a photo of their Bagnet Sisig and the screenshot I had from my Sinigang Bagnet moment.



Bagnet Sisig Special

Bagneto! The new superhero in town..with a taste!

If ever anyone in Manila that is originally from Ilocos who misses the taste of Bagnet, this is the closest! Nothing negative about Bagneto but of course original bagnet has it’s own distinct taste, in comparison to the other restaus that are trying to copy, this is the closest you could possibly imagine! How was I able to say this? After a few Bagnet-filled duty at the hospital, I am already accustomed to it’s personal taste. And I’m drooling over the church’s laptop (because there’s an ongoing pastor’s meeting here–I’m no pastor, I’m just the Multimedia person today; and I’m using my personal phone for this review–in case anyone reading is thinking I’m making use of the church’s property).

This can be found at Malingap Street – Z Compound, it’s at the almost-back end of the compound and is not possible to miss because of the cute superhero piggy logo.

This food store offers 4 varieties of Bagnet (aside from the plain). They have Sisig, Kare-Kare, Binagoongan and BicolExpress versions (if I’m not mistaken).

I’ve tried four: Plain, Sisig, Kare-Kare and Binagoongan.

The Plain was my favourite. After a few times of munching this deadly food, this is Liempo x 5. 🙂 It is crisp into perfection (this is how they normally cook their Bagnets), sorted into yummy parts and all. Then I tried Kare-Kare for a change, also a yum! Binagoongan, tastes fair enough (I’m not much of a fan of bagoong) but still good. Then my NOW FAVOURITE: Sisig. For me it’s like a cross-breed of Liempo, sisig and bagnet into one. Drools. I personally like Sisig aside from liempo and bagnet so I like this much 🙂

*In addition, they have this Bagnet Sisig and Bagnet Sisig Special – the special is with their special sauce. It’s better with the sauce of course!

Got nothing left to say! Just head over to Malingap and locate that red Z sign atop of an opened gate and walk over to the back end and look for Mr. Bagneto. Enjoy 🙂

PS. Their IG account replies over to your posts. And he’s fun to exchange comments with! Teehee. :”>

To Bagneto: Hi crush!

Proof that their IG account (@bagneto) is awesome:



PS. For some personal reasons, I can’t enjoy you this time. Soon, Bagneto. I just need to get over this phase. In time. Loveyou!


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