Papa Diddi’s Handcrafted Ice Cream

Review was from August 11, 2015. Still tastes the same to present. ❤

This icecream parlour brings out the adventurous kid in me and the bookish adult all together in one place.

I like the set up of the place, especially the lights even with murdered books (they were literally punctured to fit on the body –whatever you call that– of the lights) I still like the idea that there are books in this icecream store (because I love books).


Papa Diddi’s, Maginhawa Branch

And, I purposely didn’t attached a photo of the icecream itself because almost everyone did attach already on their reviews but I want anyone reading this to have the same surprise as I had when I first came in…

I came in a good 5-6weeks ago and had the chance to look terribly dumbfounded. I didn’t know their icecreams were “kind of weird”, I thought since they had flavours such as StarrySurprise, MangoGinger, SweetP, SweetBasil, etc. and I’ve checked the descriptions below, me be like: “What kind of icecream store is this?”. So maybe the guy thought I was lost, he offered a free taste (they really offer free tastes here which is KEWL) and so it goes. That day I tried a scoop of Tsokolate de Cagayan (TIP: in trying desserts or anything sweet in a restau you’ve never been into, JUST TO BE SAFE, try the chocolates–you can never go wrong with this flave unless the store make terrible chocos) and the person I’m with tried Cheese Closed which are both yum! :”> My succeeding visits became Coffee Addiction (I’m a coffee addict and this flave doesn’t surface that often so when it does I’m grabbing the exquisite chance, you might as well do so) with Cheese Closed (doesn’t surface that much either or was I always a little too late) or with Tres Leches.

Other flavours are also good but I like recently above mentioned best. Comfort to my foodie-soul. And it’s just near from where I live! Yey.

Tsokate de Cagayan
Cheese Closed
Coffee Addiction
Tres Leches

Thank You, PapaDiddi! 10084


Review originally posted in looloo.


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