Dear Summit.

Hiking. December 4, 2016. Double Down: Mt. Cayabu and Mt. Maynoba Traverse to 8 Wonder falls.

Originally posted December 13, 2016 to my site, but will not post site here. 🙂

I realized that hiking starts with a decision. It is with a WHAT, WHERE, WHEN AND WHY.

You will choose out of the many options, I chose hiking; out of the many destinations, I chose this place; out of the many dates, I chose that day; out of the many reasons, I chose.

I was already catching my breath for the first 5-10mins and even regretted the decision of hiking, but even though I lack sleep and rest–been physically exhausted, I told myself, “You wanted this so you have to go through it”. I remember half of our team waiting for us (the people who waited for me and I) to make quite a few stops to rest–mini TAKE 5s, and I thought that it’s the same in life.

When you’re really tired along this trail-path there will always be people who would cheer you up, ask you if you’re okay and even carry the struggle with you. Sometimes pride gets in the way and you will respond with “I’M GOOD” even when every other detail on you shows otherwise.

Then hiking got too close to the reality of living. There will always be ups and downs, there will be flat surfaces too but it wont last that long, because as cliche as it is, “nothing is permanent, change is inevitable.”

This trail of UPs and DOWNS. It has a stretch of difficulty, sometimes it’s a long up or a long down, some plain yet very steep, nearing dangerous gorge, rocky, meadowy, dark, muddy, slippery, submerged in rivers, no rails, no ropes, etc. and no matter what, YOU HAVE TO KEEP GOING. Even when it’s too difficult for you, you need to go through it, and remember that you chose this. You wanted what lies ahead–the summit, that is your goal: TO REACH IT. You have to go back to your WHYs. And that is life. You chose a path, without knowing the hows but you just want what’s on the other side of the rainbow, the view at the end of the tunnel. I told myself “ENDURE IT“.

I was nursing a (not so) painful wound on my toe at that time. I didn’t mind it being in the water, getting mud, or rained over. I just kept going even when it became a bothering pain halfway through the trail. No matter how hurt we are, what I learned was: ENDURE IT.

Then came the summit. What a tremendous feeling. Seeing how high I was able to reach, it was exhilarating. I thought, AT LAST I AM HERE, WITH EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN, I WAS ABLE TO REACH IT.

Remember how you set your goal beforehand? Remember how it felt being able to attain it? Yes. It was too good to be true.

I was able to look back on the journey of this destination. I was able to laugh at myself for THINKING of QUITTING earlier during the hike. If I did quit, I won’t be able to see the things I was seeing from up there. I won’t be able to enjoy the feeling of conquering what was of that trail. I told the summit:


I chose you. Over anything I can do today, I chose you.
You are worth it.
You are worth any sleepless night.
You are worth every single step.
You are worth every muscle I stretched.
You are worth my hunger.
You are worth my sweat.
You are worth the pain.
You are worth the sacrifices.
You are worth pursuing.
You are worth the small and large bruises.
You are worth the shiver.
You are worth enduring the rain for.
You are worth the emotional whirl.
You exceeded any expectations even when I had none.
You are worth it. Just plain WORTH IT.

But after a few minutes of appreciating and breathing what was that of a view, again, NOTHING SEEMS TO LAST FOREVER.

You were brought back to reality that LIFE MUST GO ON. So the moment of the Summit must pass now and you realize, the struggle isn’t over. The trials doesn’t just stopped there just because you reached the summit. There’s still the descend.

You can’t always be that JOYFUL because you’ll never appreciate the UPs without the DOWNs. Then downward we went. It’s sometimes the most difficult, if the trail isn’t developed.

You know mud? You know angles? The angles we’re somewhat the same (ascending and descending the mountain), I guess. I remember the briefing when they said it’s 65-75degree. Nobody said it was muddy and rocky. Plus gravity.

How many times did we slip and slide? Countless. Life had a way of doing such things, making us slip and slide without any guidance, a helping hand or something to steady us. Our decisions are somewhat defined by the results if it will be positive or negative and that’s when we’ll either walk smoothly or we’ll end up with a slip or slide.

Back at it…if it’s plain soil, it’s fine. Again, imagine mud then ROCKS-boulders at some point. Like the physical hindrances, giant boulders (kind of redundant to emphasize) of the things that doesn’t allow us to pass through a scene as smooth and as soon as we wanted to. So are our fears. They are this BIGGER giant boulders presenting that terrifying what ifs to back up our overthinking sessions. 

But regardless of all these things, situations and all. HOW SLIPPERY? HOW PAINFUL? ENDURE IT. And we did endure that trail.

Remember, not all trials will let you come out of it SPARKLY-CLEAN as a precious jewel. Yes, you will be victorious in finishing that battle but it is a good one if it will leave you scarred, stained and pained.

So whatever it is, again, ENDURE IT. You’ll never know the feeling of being a conqueror nor appreciate the hardship that goes with it unless you really pursue it. ENDURE.

#enduringthispath #notgivingup #happyinmystruggles #thewilderness 


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