On Reading Books

There are quite a few things you’d ought to know about me whenever I’m reading. Here’s one:
I NEED STICKY NOTE PAGE MARKERS. It has to be flourescent. So I can see the wordings even with it.
Why? I cant find the courage to start a book without having post it page markers. It’s a need for me to find the perfect ones or else I’d rack myself up for nothing and reading a book will be less appealing nor less pleasureable for me. I have a tendency to easily forget things. So marking it is necessary. 
Placing a page marker differs from my usage in so many different ways.

-Colors are obvi. It determines something per color.

-The way it’s placed in a paragraph also means something.

-Where it’s placed is also something.
If you’ll ever borrow a book from me, check it. From what I’m reading now here are my color tags:
Pink: lines I like/love

Blue: fave parts of Kavinsky

Orange: crafts/arts/good to know related stuffs

Yellow: makes me terribly sad

Green: *too personal I cant disclose*

HBW Flourescent Pad (0.5″x1.7″, 10×25), FullyBooked (Gateway, Cubao), Php59.00

Happy Reading!


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