The Craft Central

The Craft Central started as an online shop for arts and crafts. Ever since I started being fascinated by calligraphy and things related, I’ve been following the mentioned store. I’ve heard that they’ve opened then a physical store but in Greenbelt – Ayala, Makati area which is far from where I live – QC. So going there would mean really exerting the effort of travelling the Manila-PH Traffic in EDSA, or taking the train ride at the train-to-Busan-feels MRT or finding a way to hitch a ride on the area just to visit the shop. Hassle! But for the love of arts and crafts, I was able to visit few weeks back – which made my heart HAPPY and SAD – knowing that they were to open a branch at SM The Block right after going to Greenbelt! Hah! What an effort, I told myself, hence it was nice going back to Greenbelt after all. ♥

So, here I am sharing my “hauls” for what has been a fun trip! (Because it’s a day prior PAYDAY).

Got myself things for my planner, book reading essentials, a gift, mixing palette and a freebie!

I was able to purchase the following:

ClearStamp Php180
Magnetic Bookmark Php50
Acryclic Squares Php99
“Friends” Themed Stickers Php150
“Howl’s Moving Castle” Themed Stickers Php60
Random Cute Stickers Php60
Junk Food Stickers Php140
Encouraging Stickers Php80

I named some materials in general – if you need the specifics, see video below!


Ehem. Since it’s still their “OPENING WEEKEND“! You better head on to their SM The Block branch and get a chance to SPIN THE WHEEL of freebies for any purchase amounting to not less than Php500! ❤ Love iiit!


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